G682 yellow granite

G682 Granite, yellow granite from China . G682 granite is also named China yellow, Desert Gold , rustic yellow granite .
G682 granite is popular because its beautiful yellow color very suitable for countertops , worktops, tiles , stairs ,window sills .
G682 Rustic yellow granite features soft pastel yellow color with pink, black and yellow flecks. The pattern is relaxed and rather uniform. G682 granite countertop would be a perfect compliment to a contemporary style kitchen.

G682 granite floor tiles

Inner wall panels,External wall cladding

Outdoor paving tiles ,kerbstone , cobblestone, curbstone, landscape stone

G682 granite Countertops , worktops , Bench tops, thin granite countertops ,granite veneer

Following are G682 granite products from our factory .

g682 granite tiles
flmaed g682 granite tiles
flamed yellow granite tiles
desert sunset granite countertops
g682 granite basin
golden beach granite countertops
g682 granite sandblast
polished sunset gold granite tiles
yellow granite vanity tops

G682 Granite paver

G682 granite is widely used in interior and exterior for flooring, paving, facading, tombstome , monuments , fountain and other landscape for garden, kitchen countertops, vanity tops ,worktops for its affordable cost and color consistency.
Flamed G682 granite and Bush hammered G682 are very suitable for outdoor pavings and wall clading .

g682 granite mosaic


G682 granite bush hammered

G682 Granite tiles

new sunset gold granite

New G682 granite

origin g682 granite

G682 granite from old quarry


We are the leading supplier for G682 granite, we have our own quarry and professsional factory since 1992 .We specialize in various granite products ( granite tiles, granite slabs ,granite paving etc.) for inner and external appication.

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